Total Drama: Sunset Mountains is the ninth season of Drama. This season, it takes place in the Sunset Mountains, a beautiful mountain range. It also takes place along a gorgeously big Lake Reaction.


There are 14 episodes this season.

SPECIALS: Drama's 150th episode aired this season as the pre-finale episode.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Sunset Mountains Sunset Mountains, the new location, is introduced. 1/23/16 1/6/19 9-1 138
Locked Away The locks on the cabin doors malfunction, trapping the campers inside their cabins. 1/24/16 1/7/19 9-2 139
Time for Sleep The cast have to stay awake for 48 hours as part of a challenge. 1/25/16 1/8/19 9-3 140
Geo-party! The cast go geocaching. 1/26/16 1/9/19 9-4 141
Windy Much? The wind proves to be too much for the cameraman, Robbie, and he breaks the camera and quits. 1/27/16 1/10/19 9-5 142
Paintball Moose Hunter The cast go hunting moose with paintball guns. 1/28/16 1/11/19 9-6 143
Come Fly With Us Dawn, an old competitor, steals Claire's zeppelin with the million dollars in it. 1/29/16 1/12/19 9-7, Team Merger 144
Dawn's Revenge Dawn gets revenge by blowing up a mountain and causing a rockslide. One contestant is injured, sending them home. 1/30/16 1/13/19 9-8 145
Camp Drama Some drama erupts at the camp. 1/31/16 1/14/19 9-9 146
I See the Lightning.... Lightning zaps the camp and the cast have to put out the fire caused by it. 2/1/16 1/15/19 9-10 147
Mine-crafting The cast go mining. 2/2/16 1/16/19 9-11 148
The Mutant from the Lake Chris McLean antagonizes the cast, and Claire beats him up. Then, another person is sent packing. 2/3/16 1/17/19 9-12 149
150 Episodes and Counting! In the 150th episode, a party is held! 2/4/16 1/18/19 9-13, 150th Episode Special 150
Going Out with a BANG! In the finale, the final two fight for the cash. 2/5/16 1/19/19 9-14, 9-Finale 151


Sunny Salmon Eliminated Place
Brydon Windy Much? 10th
Sophia Dawn's Revenge 7th
Norman Mine-crafting 4th
Jade Locked Away 13th
Wesley Paintball Moose Hunter 9th
Alex WINNER (Going Out with a Bang!) Winner/1st
Shirley Time for Sleep 12th
Angry Anglerfish Eliminated Place
Annie The Mutant From the Lake 3rd
Kenan I See The Lightning.... 5th
Susan Going Out with a Bang! Runner-up/2nd
Dan Come Fly With Us 8th
Irwin Sunset Mountains 14th
Quinn Geo-party! 11th
Joseph Camp Drama 6th

Dock of Shame

The elimination exit was revealed to be a boat ride across the neighboring lake, Lake Reaction. It's extremely alike to the TDI exit on the Boat of Losers. This season brought a lot of elements from Total Drama into play, like the dock of shame elimination music, the dramatic tension, and the marshmallow ceremony. This would later be used in seasons down the line.


Alliances did not return this season, but the confessional did. It was reintroduced in the second episode, "Locked Away." Brydon is the first to use it this season.

Opening Sequence

Episodes 1-6

MUSIC: I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!!

The camera swoops down off the highest mountain and speeds through camp. Brydon and Joseph are slap-fighting. The camera swoops through the middle and then Claire and Marissa are talking and grinning. The camera then shows the cast all running away from them, and landing in the campfire pit. They whistle as they sit down and the sign flashes and the theme song.

Episodes 6-14

The music is the same as the other theme songs. The video is now smoother animation with smoother shadows and better character movements.

The camera rushes out of a bus door and races down through camp. It shows Shirley Tasing Sophia, knocking her out. Wesley shoves her down. The camera switches to the mess hall, where the Anglerfish are being force-fed disgusting food by Claire, while Marissa remains tied up and struggling behind her. A burst of flame erupts in front of the screen, transitioning to the campfire scene. Shirley and Dan are on the front stools. She Tases him, he falls over, she grins, and the camera pans out to show everyone whistling.


  • Marissa, the camp cook and co-host, has a really minor role this season, just like she did in the other mountain-related season.
  • This is the second season to take place near a mountain/mountain range. The first was Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain.
  • Sunset Mountains is the last season to be sillier than past ones. Mekapanema and Frye Island had legitimate drama, and alliances, and confessionals, and real eliminations. Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa will have the same drama as the original couple seasons.
  • The tone of drama and seriousness is taken in the last few episodes this season. More drama, less sadism, and more interaction between the cast is introduced.
  • Chris McLean, former host of the show, makes a cameo in The Mutant From the Lake.
  • The Mutant From The Lake actually hits 6 pages, longer than any other episode since Total Drama Mekapanema (excluding TV movies and movies). In TV length, the episode is 26 minutes long. It's shorter than a TV movie (10 or 11 pages) but longer than a normal episode (2, 3, or 4 pages).
  • This season held the 150th episode spectacular. Season 10 would have the 175th, but it would not be celebrated.
  • The fourth wall is broken in 150 Episodes and Counting! when Claire mentions Cartoon Network, the network that airs Drama.