Total Drama: The Crazy Cruise is Season 14 of Drama. It took place on the SS McLean, a dumpy and rundown cruise ship.

Description Edit

This season we've brought 12 new teenagers in for one heck of a crazy adventure on a cruise ship! Chris McLean returns as the crazy host!

Episodes Edit

There are 20 episodes this season but only 12 contestants.

Summer Marathon: On August 22nd, episodes 10-14 premiered as part of the summer marathon.

Summer Marathon Part 2: On August 23rd, episodes 15-17 premiered for the second part of the marathon.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Welcome Back, Chris! As is custom, all 14 new teens are introduced. And a previous host returns to the show after a really long absence. 8/12/16 3/12/19 1401 203
Back Again, Naturally The first challenge is to walk a tightrope from the front of the ship to the back. 8/13/16 3/13/19 1402 204
Sunburned! The cast get sunburned when Chris locks them out of their cabins. 8/16/16 3/14/19 1403 205
Crash Course in Crashing Marissa accidentally crashes the ship and as it begins to sink, the cast must try and stop the sinking. 8/17/16 3/15/19 1404 206
Fireworks on Board The cast watch a beautiful fireworks show. 8/18/16 3/16/19 1405 207
The Shipwrecked Island of Dr. Hatchet The contestants are dumped on an island run by Chef Hatchet. And guess what island it is?? 8/19/16 3/17/19 1406 208
Aftermath 1: Return of a Host In the season's first aftermath, Mariah and Louis discuss the return of Chris. 8/19/16 3/18/19 1407 209
I, Crowbar Chris breaks into cabins using a crowbar to scare the contestants. 8/19/16 3/19/19 1408 210
Marissa, I'll Never Let Go Claire is hiding in the bottom of the SS McLean and Marissa tries to get rid of her. 8/20/16 3/20/19 1409 211
Forward to the Shore The next challenge gives one contestant more power in the elimination process. 8/22/16

Summer Marathon

3/21/19 1410 212
Aftermath 2: Elimination is a Part of Life Mariah and Louis talk about the eliminated contestants thus far. 8/22/16

Summer Marathon

3/22/19 1411 213
Dodgeball on the Edge The cast must play an epic game of dodgeball....on the back of the ship! 8/22/16

Summer Marathon

3/23/19 1412 214
McLean, McLean! The cast put on a play. 8/22/16

Summer Marathon

3/24/19 1413 215
Aftermath 3: One Crazy Cruise Mariah and Louis talk about what has happened so far. 8/22/16

Summer Marathon

3/25/19 1414 216
Hurricane! A storm washes over the ship and one contestant is thrown overboard. 8/23/16

Summer Marathon Pt. 2

3/26/19 1415 217
Not So Happy Cruisers The cast are made angry when a fan favorite contestant returns and is all stuck up to them. 8/23/16

Summer Marathon Pt. 2

3/27/19 1416 218
Finding Marissa While Marissa's missing, Brittany gets knocked off the ship. 8/23/16

Summer Marathon Pt. 2

3/28/19 1417 219
Aftermath 4: Time's Up! Chaos in the studio as the final two fight while Louis tries to stop them. 8/24/16 3/29/19 1418 220
Just Another Windy Monday A really windy day causes a dangerous challenge. 8/24/16 3/30/19 1419 221
Finale on a Cruise Ship As usual, the million is given to the winner of the final challenge. 8/24/16 3/31/19 1420 222

Contestants Edit

Name Eliminated Place
Dave Finale on a Cruise Ship 2nd
Jeff McLean, McLean! 5th
Mandi Crash Course in Crashing 11th
Joseph I, Crowbar 8th
Richard Forward to the Shore 7th
Howie Hurricane! 4th
Melanie The Shipwrecked Island of Dr. Hatchet 9th
Stephen Back Again, Naturally 12th
Doreen Dodgeball on the Edge 6th
Brittany Finding Marissa 3rd
Simon Fireworks on Board 10th