Total Drama: Thunder Falls is the eleventh season of Drama. In this season, Claire returns as host and introduces 14 brand new teenagers. Marissa also returns as the co-host after a season's absence.


There are once again 14 episodes.

Name Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
The Rushing of the Falls-Part 1 The 14 brand new teens are introduced to their new home for the summer---the base of a waterfall. 3/20/16 2/3/19 11-1 166
The Rushing of the Falls-Part 2 The new cast do their first challenge. A kayak challenge. Over Thunder Falls. 3/20/16 2/4/19 11-2 167
Weird and Weirder A crazy talent challenge brings out the worst in the campers. 3/21/16 2/5/19 11-3 168
Springtime Has Arrived The spring flowers explode in beautiful colors and surprise the campers. Their challenge: to pick them all. However, one team refuses and is automatically sent to elimination. 3/22/16 2/6/19 11-4 169
Toronto Kart It's a racing challenge through Toronto. 3/23/16 2/7/19 11-5 170
Life on the Line A tightroping challenge scares the teams. 3/24/16 2/8/19 11-6 171
TDTF Aftermath: Newbies as Hosts Mariah and Louis, the brand new aftermath hosts, host their first ever aftermath. 3/25/16 2/9/19 11-7, Team Merger 172
Revenge of Marissa After Claire is rude to Marissa, Marissa beats the crap out of her. 3/27/16

Happy Easter

2/10/19 11-8 173
Time for Chicken In another homage to the series' first episode, the campers have a cooking challenge. 4/3/16 2/11/19 11-9 174
Claire's Comeback Claire gets revenge on Marissa for her revenge by firing her from the show, only to have it backfire. 4/4/16 2/12/19 11-10 175
TDTF Aftermath II Mariah and Louis discuss the season and interview the last five (soon to be four) contestants. 4/6/16 2/13/19 11-11 176
The Daniels Olympics An Olympic challenge makes the final few campers strain to continue in the game. 4/8/16 2/14/19 11-12 177
The Finale....April Fools! Claire pranks the final campers so much (even though April Fools' Day is long over) that they decide to tie her up over the waterfall! 4/10/16 2/15/19 11-13 178
The Drying of the Falls The falls dry up due to the toxic waste Claire has dumped into the water. The final challenge is to avoid the EPA, who is after them all. 4/11/16 2/16/19 11-14, 11-Finale 179

Opening Sequence

The music is the same.

VIDEO: A camera pops out of the waterfall, then another pops out of a gopher hole, and then one pops out from the mess hall chimney. A clapperboard slams down in front of the camera, and the camera flies towards Thunder Falls. It swerves, missing the falls, and then it shows the campers having a chicken fight with Avery and Randy on the left and Lizzie and Margaret and Dakota on the right. They fall down once the camera pushes through them. It then crashes into Claire, causing her to fall over, before it zips to the campfire area. You can see the waterfall rushing behind them as they whistle the ending.


There are 14 teens.

Whiny Whales Eliminated Place
Margaret Weird and Weirder 13th
John Life on the Line 10th
Xavier Springtime Has Arrived 12th
Dakota The Daniels Olympics 4th
Jonas The Finale....April Fools! 3rd
Evan Claire's Comeback 6th
Savannah The Drying of the Falls 2nd/Runner-up
Dizzy Dolphins Eliminated Place
Liz Time for Chicken 7th
Raymond TDTF Aftermath II 5th
Randy Revenge of Marissa 8th
Chase Toronto Kart 11th
Mia The Rushing of the Falls (Part 2) 14th
Avery TDTF Aftermath: Newbies as Hosts 9th


  • This season completes the show's "every season of the year" thing. The show has now aired in Summer, Fall, and Winter. TDTF takes place during the last season, Spring.
  • Thunder Falls is apparently a waterfall near Toronto, but it's not near Niagara Falls.