Total Drama: Vancouver Island is the 19th season of Drama. It premiered on Cartoon Network on September 1st, 2018 in the US and on Teletoon in Canada on the same day.

Summary Edit

14 original TD competitors are back for a new season on beautiful Vancouver Island in Western Canada, with Chris and Chef as hosts! It's gonna be a new season of pain, embarrassment, humiliation, and of course, drama!

Episodes Edit

This season has 13 episodes.

Name Description Airdate (US/Canada) Season Code Series Code
Border Crossing The very first challenge is to swim across the sea to the Washington state line.


9/1/18 19-01 272
The Great McLeansby Chris has the contestants build giant statues of himself for the challenge. 9/2/18 19-02 273
Driving McLean Crazy The next challenge is to race across the entire island to the finish line in go-karts. 9/3/18 19-03 274
Alaskan Bush Babies The contestants travel via boat to Alaska, and must navigate miles through the woods to a local guide station. 9/4/18 19-04 275
The Haunted Mansion Chris has the contestants march through a haunted house. Yeah, "haunted." 9/5/18 19-05 276
Evil Stops at Nothing A former TD contestant, an evil one, makes their return. 9/6/18 19-06 277
The Merger Deal The teams are merged, and now it's everyone for themselves. 9/7/18 19-07, MERGER 278
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse A talent show brings out the worst talents in everyone. 9/8/18 19-08 279
The Substitute Host When Chris is accidentally trapped in a trap made for someone else, he calls in a substitute host... 9/9/18 19-09 280
To Saskatchewan or Bust! The next challenge is to race to Pahkitew Island in Saskatchewan, through the freezing great north that is Canada. 9/10/18 19-10 281
EPA Influence The contestants must dispose of the radioactive waste on Vancouver Island before the EPA finds Chris. 9/11/18 19-11 282
9/12/18 19-12 283
9/13/18 19-13, Finale 284

Contestants/Elimination Edit

There are 14 contestants, with 7 on each team.

Name Team Eliminated Place
Amy Soaring Eagles
Anne Maria Daring Dolphins
Cody Soaring Eagles
Dave Daring Dolphins
Dawn Soaring Eagles
Ella Daring Dolphins
Justin Soaring Eagles
Max Daring Dolphins
Sadie Soaring Eagles
Sierra Daring Dolphins
Trent Soaring Eagles
Tyler Daring Dolphins
Zoey Soaring Eagles
Sugar Daring Dolphins

Trivia Edit

  • This season took over a year to come into fruition. The show had been cancelled/on hiatus since summer 2017.