Total Drama: Veterans vs. Rookies is the 15th season of Drama. It brings 7 veteran players from Seasons 1-5 in to face off against 7 "rookie" players from Seasons 8-14. Camp Mekapanema returns as the main location, and this season is its LAST appearance as the main location.


Well, we've never done a season like THIS! We're bringing 7 veteran players from the first few seasons back to face off against 7 newer players. So, stick with us! Camp Mekapanema is BACK as the location!


There are 13 episodes. On September 20th, Mekapanema TV announced on Twitter that TWO new episodes, instead of just one, would air a day.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Bye-Bye, Amy! Amy, owner of Camp Mekapanema, is fired out of a cannon by Chris McLean, as he needs the location for the season. 9/15/16 4/1/19 1501 223
Mekapanema's Third Return In an epic dodgeball challenge, an evil contestant breaks the rule and gets sent to Pine Vista. 9/17/16 4/2/19 1502 224
Gossiping About Dawn The cast gossip about Dawn, a former contestant. 9/19/16 4/3/19 1503 225
Cameos Are Annoying! Blaineley and Chef Hatchet appear as cameos in this episode. 9/19/16 4/4/19 1504 226
The Return of Citiesburg-TV Movie In this TV movie, Chris gets kidnapped and taken to Citiesburg (AGAIN) and the cast must venture to save him.

NOTE: This is a sequel episode to The Search for Chris, an episode from Season 1.

9/20/16 4/5/19 1505, TV Movie 227
Diving from Mt. Seaberry Mt. Seaberry, the mountain behind the camp, is used for a diving challenge. 9/21/16 4/6/19 1506 228
Mekapanema's Flood When Irwin breaks the sink faucet, he accidentally floods the camp, much to Chris's annoyance. 9/21/16 4/7/19 1507 229
Mundane Challenge Chris makes the cast clean and fix up the wet camp. 9/21/16 4/8/19 1508 230
Don't Catch Them All In a parody of Pokemon, nobody likes the Okepon that Chris releases around the camp. 9/22/16 4/9/19 1509 231
Up the Mountain The cast must climb up one of the artificial mountains Chris built. 9/22/16 4/10/19 1510 232
The Drama Awards' Fantastic Return After 14 seasons without mention, The Drama Awards comes back and awards more trophies. 9/24/16 4/11/19 1511 233
Evacuate the Dancefloor While Chris is away, Chef takes over as host for a day and uses the electrocution dancefloor again as the challenge. 9/24/16 4/12/19 1512 234
Swimming with the Fishes The camp becomes engulfed in flame after Chris accidentally shoots a rocket at it. 9/24/16 4/13/19 1513 235


They are split into Veterans and Rookies, however, they are still competing WITHOUT teams. The title just means they are either a veteran player or a rookie player.

Name Returning from Eliminated Place
VETERANS Seasons 1-5
Victoria Mekapanema

Frye Island

Mekapanema's Revenge

Mundane Challenge 7th
Sandy Luckiamute Forest Don't Catch Them All 6th
Cody Mekapanema The Return of Citiesburg (medically evacuated) 10th
Eva Frye Island Bye-Bye, Amy! 14th
Casey Frye Island The Drama Awards' Fantastic Return 4th
Tracy Omiyosiw Mountain Cameos Are Annoying! 11th
Ben Luckiamute Forest Evacuate the Dancefloor 3rd
ROOKIES Seasons 8-14
Stephen The Crazy Cruise Swimming with the Fishes 2nd
Avery Thunder Falls Diving from Mt. Seaberry 9th
Shirley Sunset Mountains Mekapanema's Third Return 13th
Irwin Sunset Mountains

Camp Ritchatakwa

Revenge of the Antagonists

Mekapanema's Flood 8th
Kenan Sunset Mountains

Camp Ritchatakwa

Gossiping About Dawn 12th
Sophia Sunset Mountains

Camp Ritchatakwa

Up the Mountain 5th


  • In episode 2, Shirley says 'My name is Shirley. Respect my authoritah!!,' which is a reference to South Park.
  • In the TV movie, episode 5, the music 'South Pacific Island II' from SpongeBob SquarePants, also used in Total Drama Survivor, plays. It plays when Victoria is crying over Cody being smashed in the face with a sign.