Total Drama Antagonists is the fifth season of Drama. This season, 14 antagonists from the Total Drama series and some from the previous seasons return to try and win $1,000,000.


Welcome to Gorham, fans of Totally Dramatic! We've selected the nastiest, rudest, antagonistic-like people for a brand new 14 episode season!


This season, Chris returns as the host.


  • Gorham Middle....Cruel? (Part 1): Josee and Scarlett


'E for Effort' is a TV movie.

Episode Descr. US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Gorham Middle....Cruel?(Part 1) The contestants arrive at Gorham Middle School. 10/8/15 10/26/18 5-01 68
Gorham Middle....Cruel?(Part 2) The contestants have their first challenge. 10/9/15 10/27/18 5-02 69
Annoyed Arts The 13 remaining competitors do a fun challenge. 10/10/15 10/28/18 5-03 70
E for Effort The 12 competitors are forced to sit through classes, and reenact a normal school day. 10/12/15 10/29/18 5-04, TV Movie 71
The Lip Dub The contestants have a dance party for invincibility. (NOTE: The title is there to trick you into thinking the episode is about something else.) 10/14/15 10/30/18 5-05 72
A113 Courtney and Duncan find a sealed off classroom. 10/15/15 10/31/18 5-06 73
The Monday Party The contestants get down to a party! 10/19/15 11/1/18 5-07 74
Hang Gliding Can Be Cool


The contestants hang glide off the roof of the school and invade Frye Island, where Nevaeh lives. 10/20/15 11/2/18 5-08 75
Conferences The contestants have conferences with Chris. 10/21/15 11/3/18 5-09 76
Eternal Lame The contestants have a bonfire similar to Total Drama Island. 10/21/15 11/4/18 5-10 77
Need I See Food? It's a seafood eating challenge. 10/23/15 11/5/18 5-11 78
TDA Aftermath: Gorham Middle School It's a dramatic aftermath special. 10/24/15 11/6/18 5-12 79
Qwerty The remaining contestants battle an evil computer! 10/27/15 11/7/18 5-13 80
Happy Dramaween The finale is a huge Halloween bash! 10/28/15 11/8/18 5-14, 5-Finale 81


This is the first season where contestants from The Ridonculous Race are competing.

Team Contestants *names in bold mean they were eliminated* Eliminated (episode) Episode Number
Harraseeket Team (Team disbanded in Episode 8) Courtney A113 Episode 6
Alejandro The Monday Party Episode 7
Duncan Eternal Lame Episode 10
Sugar (runner up) Happy Dramaween
Heather Annoyed Arts Episode 3
Jacques E for Effort Episode 4
Boon Island Team Team disbanded in Episode 8
Dawn The Lip Dub Episode 5
Ophelia Need I See Food? Episode 11
Scarlett Hang Gliding Can Be Cool Episode 8
Tristan Conferences Episode 9
Shaniqua Gorham Middle....Cruel? (Part 2) Episode 2
Josh Qwerty Episode 13
Josee Hang Gliding Can Be Cool Episode 8

Season Trivia/Facts

  • This is the first full season of Totally Dramatic to have improved Flash animation and be broadcast in 2440p HD. 'Last Day at Luckiamute,' from Total Drama Luckiamute Forest, was also animated in the new style, but the entire season wasn't.
  • Originally, there were 22 contestants and 22 episodes. The season was shortened to 14 episodes and 14 contestants.
  • This is the first season to have a couple episodes with very short titles (A113, etc)
  • This is the third season in a row to have 14 episodes, after Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain and Total Drama Luckiamute Forest.