Total Drama Luckiamute Forest is the fourth season of Drama. Total Drama: White Mountains was the former Season 4 before the idea was scrapped.


Welcome to Luckiamute Forest-a dangerous forest filled with mutant creatures somewhere in Northern Texas! 14 brand new competitors have signed up to spend 8 weeks here on Total Drama Luckiamute Forest! Blaineley's been fired and Chris is back to host the rest of the seasons!

Opening Sequence

The opening is very similar to the previous season's. The tune is the same.


Naaa I wanna be! Naaa I wanna be! Naaa I wanna be famous!

Naaa I wanna be! Naaa I wanna be! Naaa I wanna be famous!!

Whistling *Do doo doo doo doo doo

The video shows the camera crashing through the 'Luckiamute' sign and zipping through the forest. It slams into the outhouse, where Chris then looks horrified and covers himself. The camera zips around and runs through Team Wawanakwa's camp. It shows Josh blabbing away until Shaniqua runs at him, tackling him. The camera then zips up the cliff and crashes down into the lake, where the contestants are. The theme song ends with a monitor descending and showing the logo of the season.


Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Luck at Luckiamute The contestants come to the forest and do their first challenge. 9/17/15 10/12/18 4-01 54
The 5K The 13 remaining competitors do a challenging and dangerous 5k around Luckiamute Forest. 9/18/15 10/13/18 4-02 55
Lights, Camera, Dysfunction! The competitors try and make a TV commercial, at the Total Drama Action Film Lot. 9/19/15 10/14/18 4-03 56
I Heart Art The contestants do caricatures of one another. 9/20/15 10/15/18 4-04 57
Luckiamute Survivors

TV Movie

The contestants of TDLF meet the contestants of Total Drama Survivor: Brazil! 9/22/15 10/16/18 4-05, 4-Movie 58
Shark Diving The contestants dive off the cliff dressed as sharks in very heavy costumes. 9/23/15 10/17/18 4-06 59
The Luckshank Redemption The contestants try to put out a fire that was started by Chris. 9/24/15 10/18/18 4-07 60
Underground We Will Go The contestants go underground to retrieve a missing item from their camps. 9/25/15 10/19/18 4-08 61
The Ridonculous Maze *TEAM MERGER* The contestants are forced to navigate through a maze. 9/27/15 10/20/18 4-09, Team Merger 62
Area 69 The contestants break into a secure alien base in Luckiamute Forest to retrieve one of their personal items. 9/27/15 10/21/18 4-10 63
If You Can't Take the Drama.... The contestants try to perform a talent show. 9/28/15 10/22/18 4-11 64
I Can Go The Distance (Part 1) The contestants fly their own planes. 9/30/15 10/23/18 4-12 65
I Can Go The Distance (Part 2) The contestants return to Luckiamute Forest, only to be scared to death. 9/30/15 10/24/18 4-13 66
Last Day at Luckiamute The finals!!! 10/1/15 10/25/18 4-14, 4-Finale 67


Team Pahkitew:

Steve: eliminated

Alan: eliminated

Ben: eliminated

Haley: eliminated

Jody: eliminated

Shaniqua: eliminated


Team Wawanakwa: 

Sandy: eliminated/runner up of TDLF

Ryan: eliminated

Miriam: eliminated

Josh: eliminated

Kyle: eliminated

Seth: disqualified

Julie: eliminated

Season 4 Elimination Chart

Name Team Eliminated Place
Josh Wawanakwa Luck at Luckiamute 14th
Shaniqua Pahkitew The 5K 13th
Alan Pahkitew Lights, Camera, Dysfunction! 12th
Miriam Wawanakwa I Heart Art 11th
Ben Pahkitew Luckiamute Survivors 10th
Seth Wawanakwa Shark Diving 9th
Julie Wawanakwa The Luckshank Redemption 8th
Steve Pahkitew Underground We Will Go 7th
Jody Pahkitew The Ridonculous Maze 6th
Haley Merged Area 69 5th
Kyle Merged If You Can't Take the Drama.... 4th
Ryan Merged I Can Go The Distance-Part 2 3rd
Sandy Merged Last Day at Luckiamute 2nd

Luckiamute Forest

The main location of the season was Luckiamute Forest, a logging forest turned mutant over the years of its abandonment.


Mt. Texas: A 2,500 foot high cliff over Kingston Lake, a lake located at the edge of the forest. The camera in the theme song dives off this and splashes the contestants, who are swimming down below.

Treehouses: The teams are sleeping in treehouses, as shown in the new theme song.

Kingston Lake: The theme song shows Kingston Lake but does not refer to it by name. The first couple episodes confirm the name of the lake.


  • This is the first season to use 'Audiowide' as the font for the scripts. The other show to do so would be Total Drama Survivor: Brazil.
  • This is the only season to have the teams not disband before a challenge in the team merger.
  • This was originally intended to be the last season of Drama.