Total Drama Outer Space is the 16th season of Drama. It was confirmed by Cartoon Network two days after cancelling the series.


We're back with 14 teens....this season, we told them they'd be at a swanky resort. However, they're really going to the Moon! Yes, the Moon! In a crappy rocket, they'll be transported to their new moon camp for 13 days!


The season contains 13 episodes, and 14 contestants.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Rocket to Space The gang gets blasted off to the moon. 10/18/16 Darren 16-01 236
No Gravity on the Moon The cast gossip about Kiera Emerson and Bryan is eliminated. 10/21/16 Bryan 16-02 237
Swimming in Space Chris makes the contestants "swim" above the moon to grab floating space rocks. 10/22/16 John 16-03 238
Can't Skimp on Air! A contestant accidentally breaches the air-filled dome in which the camp is in, causing air to escape. 10/23/16 Liz 16-04 239
You're Blocked Chris blocks the sun from reflecting on the moon, causing the Earth at night to cool down. 10/23/16 Joseph 16-05 240
Asteroid Surfing The contestants go 'asteroid surfing.' 10/24/16 Heather 16-06 241
Attack of the 50 Foot Space Tornado A space tornado attacks the moon camp, destroying nearly everything. 10/24/16 Holden 16-07 242
Ever Had Halloween in Space?? The contestants go trick-or-treating on the moon. 10/25/16 Emily 16-08, Halloween Special 243
If This is Outer Space, Where's Inner Space? The cast travels to the inside of the moon. 10/26/16 Ricky 16-09 244
Stroller System An epic stroller racing challenge happens on the moon. 10/28/16 Wendy 16-10 245
Reality Bites Chris just point blank does not want to do an episode, so he sends Mia home. 10/28/16 Mia 16-11 246
No Wind in Space Stephanie leaves the show. 10/29/16 Stephanie 16-12 247
Escape to Planet Earth The final two escape to Earth for the million bucks. 10/29/16 Duncan 16-13 248

Opening Sequence

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There are 11 returning contestants and 3 brand new ones.

Name Returning from Eliminated Place
Wendy Frye Island-Season 2 Stroller System 5th
Ricky Frye Island-Season 2 If This is Outer Space, Where's Inner Space? 6th
Emily Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3 Ever Had Halloween in Space?? 7th
Darren Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3 Rocket to Space 14th
Haley Luckiamute Forest-Season 4 WINNER OF TDOS 1st
Duncan Total Drama series

Total Drama Antagonists-Season 5

Escape to Planet Earth 2nd
Heather Total Drama series

Total Drama Antagonists-Season 5

Asteroid Surfing 9th
John Thunder Falls-Season 11 Swimming in Space 12th
Joseph Sunset Mountains-Season 9

Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10

The Crazy Cruise-Season 14

You're Blocked 10th
Liz Thunder Falls-Season 11 Can't Skimp on Air! 11th
Mia Thunder Falls-Season 11 Reality Bites 4th
Stephanie New player No Wind in Space 3rd
Holden New player Attack of the 50 Foot Space Tornado 8th
Bryan New player No Gravity on the Moon 13th