Total Drama Survivor: Brazil is Season 1 of Total Drama Survivor. This season, 14 new competitors compete in immunity/reward challenges.


Welcome to Total Drama Survivor, a new animated reality show with 14 new castaways in Brazil! We'd like to introduce you to them below.

About the Host 

The host of TDSB was Devon, a Survivor fan.


Catawba Tribe: 

Caleb: eliminated

Jonathan: eliminated

Nicholas: eliminated

Erin: eliminated

Delia: eliminated

Kiera: disqualified

Allison: eliminated

Abenaki Tribe: 

Darla: eliminated

Ronald: eliminated

Kristin: eliminated/runner up

Hubert: eliminated

Mary: eliminated

Mickey: eliminated



The challenges will be immunity challenges, and there will be one challenge daily. On some days, the tribes fight for immunity, and safety from The Dramatic Council. On other days, the tribes will compete for a gracious reward.


Unlike its sister show, Drama!, Total Drama Survivor and TDS: Brazil are not censored. The only words they cannot say are, well, the words you can't say on TV. Below are the list of words that have gotten aired unedited:

  • Freakin'/frickin'
  • Censor bleeps (usually edited out on Totally Dramatic)
  • Hell
  • Crap
  • Shut up (usually edited out on Totally Dramatic)
  • 'Oh my God' is usually changed to 'Oh my gosh'

A really questionable line said by Ethan in "The Grand Finale" somehow was aired in Canada but changed in the US.


Kristin: A hot dog?? A freakin' hot dog??

Ethan: In case you're on your period and you get hungry!

Nobody knows how THAT line was aired! It was changed to 'In case you get hungry!' in the US airing, for obvious reasons.


  • Episode 3 "Into the Trees!": Jonathan and Caleb, Mary and Ethan


There will be 4 non-elimination episodes and 14 elimination episodes on Total Drama Survivor, and that applies to TDS Brazil. The series pilot was the episode 'Total Drama Survivor' from Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain.

Episode Airdate Eliminated Place Season Code Series Code
This is Brazil 9/11/15 None N/A 1 1
Brazilian Culture 9/12/15 Erin, Catawba 14th 2 2
Into the Trees! 9/13/15 Allison, Catawba 13th 3 3
The Balloon Race 9/14/15 Hubert, Abenaki 12th 4 4
Mary's Alliance 9/15/15 Kiera, Catawba 11th 5 5
Near, Far, Wherever You Aren't 9/16/15 Mickey, Abenaki 10th 6 6
The Amazon Race 9/17/15 Darla, Abenaki 9th 7 7
The Ghostly Experience 9/18/15 Jonathan, Catawba 8th 8 8
Pain by Hacksaw 9/19/15 Nicholas, Catawba 7th 9 9
The Hills Are Alive 9/20/15 Ronald, Abenaki 6th 10 10
Luckiamute Survivors*crossover with Luckiamute Forest* 9/22/15 None N/A 11 11
Do or Fry*TRIBE MERGER* 9/24/15 Mary 5th 12 12
Hike of Shame 9/25/15 Caleb 4th 13 13
4:20 to Crazytown 9/26/15 None N/A 14 14
Early to Rise, Early to Die 9/29/15 Delia 3rd 15 15
Sweet Money 9/30/15 None N/A 16 16
The Grand Finale 10/1/15 Kristin

ETHAN (Winner)

2nd 17 17


  • This is the first season of Total Drama Survivor.
  • "Brazil" is the first season and only Total Drama Survivor to air on CBS as well as Cartoon Network in the USA. This is because the show will be relate-able to Survivor, which was meant for adults.