Tristan is a contestant on Total Drama: Frye Island and Total Drama: Greenmere Meadows. He was also the co-host for the Aftermath Specials of Seasons 1-10, along with Bridgette. He was considered the "main host" and was replaced with Mariah for Seasons 11-onward.

Total Drama Mekapanema Edit

Along with Bridgette, Tristan hosted two aftermath specials: TDM Aftermath and TDM Aftermath 2: The End is Near.

Total Drama: Frye Island Edit

He was a boring contestant and thus was eliminated second. He did not even try in challenges so he got himself eliminated. There were no aftermath specials this season.

Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain Edit

No aftermaths and thus Tristan did not appear. Neither did Bridgette.

Total Drama Luckiamute Forest Edit

No aftermaths this season either.

Total Drama Antagonists Edit

He hosted the season's only aftermath episode, TDA Aftermath: Gorham Middle School, again along with Bridgette.

Total Drama: Katawasisin Island Edit

He got violent in the two aftermath specials he appeared in: TDKI Aftermath and TDKI Aftermath II. Bridgette hit him with a spotlight in the first aftermath and he insulted her repeatedly.

Total Drama: Mekapanema's Revenge Edit

Tristan did not appear this season.

Total Drama: Greenmere Meadows Edit

Tristan appeared as a contestant, brought back from Total Drama: Frye Island. He did noticeably better than he did in TDFI, being eliminated 3rd after Carly was brought back. He was eliminated 21st in TDFI. There were no aftermaths due to him being a contestant of the season.

Total Drama: Sunset Mountains Edit

Tristan did not appear this season either.

Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa Edit

He appeared with Bridgette in the two aftermath specials of the season. This is his and Bridgette's last appearances as hosts.

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